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Food and Healing

Plant to Fork

Food contains energy from everyone that has handled it.

From the farmer to the packer, from the restaurant owner to the cook, from the waiter to you.

It takes just a single person to set strong intentions and raise the vibration of food. Doing this can neutralize all negative energies. By doing so the food can transform and transfer a higher vibration of energy. That is most crucial part of my message. For if we can understand energy, how it moves, how it exist, and what it does; then we can transform the world. If everyone set positive intentions and worked to raise our vibrations it would change the consciousness of the world. We are all connected, and our food is a vital source of physical and spiritual health.

What are people saying?


Brian Lottman

"Khadija makes such tasty foods with the freshest ingredients and so much love. I feel that love in all the cooking she does. She knows the importance of positive intentions as a chef. Her food is good for your body and good for your heart."


Michele Marsh

"Khadija is a beautiful soul and her meals are incredibly healthy and delicious!
We spent an evening together in my kitchen, preparing a family style dinner. My 9 year old daughter had a blast cooking along with us. Khadija taught us creative approaches to combining everyday ingredients. She pours so much love into her cooking, and her bright energy in the kitchen is infectious. Food prepared with this kind of love is more delicious than anything you have tasted! Have her over to cook for you, an amazing soul filling experience."


Diane Sessoms

"Khadija is a master creator of savory and mouth watering delectables to the palate. With her knowledge and background in health and wellness, she knows exactly how to blend the perfect combinations. For your next special event or just an evening in with family or close friends you'll want to hire Khadija!"


Self care is sacred.

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